Specialized Programs


Fitness Designed for You

Functional Fit Club was born out of the frustration many have with those cookie cutter, “one size fits all” fitness options. Regardless of the program you chose, you will receive a unique experience that is tailored to your individual needs. Our philosophy of functional fitness combines strength, endurance, balance, and flexibility. At our studio, we aren’t locked into any type of standardized routine because of our ability to constantly vary training. By utilizing our extensive array of functional exercise equipment, we keep you physically and mentally engaged. No boredom here!

Free Consultation & Fitness Assessment

In this one hour free consultation you will work individually with one of our Certified Trainers. We will review your past exercise and fitness history but most importantly determine the specific fitness goals you want to achieve going forward. We will also lead you through a fun and interactive fitness assessment where you can experience a sample of our training sessions and the equipment we utilize. With this information we can then determine the best program for you. Schedule your consultation today!

Personal Training

Would you like your own personal fitness coach? Then our one on one personal training program is for you. With the information gathered during your free consultation and fitness assessment, your trainer will design a fully customized program based on your personal goals. This program provides the individual attention and accountability to help you get the life-changing results you want. Connect with your coach today!

Small Group Training

Our fully customized personal training sessions for small groups of up to 6. You will benefit from the support and motivation of a group along with the look and feel of a one on one session. Our Small Group Training allows our trainers to give each client the attention and guidance required to ensure proper form and technique. Using functional exercise movements these workouts are specifically designed for you to reach your goals. Small group . . . . big results!

Pre/Postnatal Fitness

According to the American Pregnancy Association, exercise can greatly benefit your health during pregnancy. Our pre/postnatal fitness programs set the foundation for a healthy pregnancy and a quick postpartum recovery. Some benefits of these small group sessions, led by a certified instructor, include reduced backaches, increased energy, improved mood, better sleep, and improvement in your ability to cope with labor. Join other new and expecting moms of our Florida community in these safe, supportive and effective small group workouts!

Live Online Video Training

Has the current COVID-19 virus thrown your fitness routine into crisis? Health professionals are recommending exercise to stay healthy both physically and mentally during this difficult time. Let us help! Our NEW online LIVE VIDEO fitness sessions will keep you on track. Led by our certified instructors these workouts are designed for limited equipment and will include modifications to address what you have at home. These are live interactive sessions with constantly changing workouts. Come join our online fitness family staying strong together!